Monday, May 4, 2009


Bringing you information about lighting, you never knew you needed, is what we at Get LiT do best. Ordinarily this post would be no exception, but when the information is about a party at LiT announcing new design, attention must be paid.

As I have posted before, semaphores are the triangular signal flags used to convey messages between ships. With this in mind, our friends at Piano Nobile have designed an entire line of furniture using pennant shapes and balanced flat planes to convey a message of high design and original build, seen exclusively at, you guessed it, LiT.

This spring, the signals are pointing to a party! A party where sangria is the drink of choice, wood grain-modern metal designs are the talk of the evening and everywhere you look there is a printed LiTshade, how could the evening be any better?

When: Thursday May 21st from 5-until were out of Sangria
Where: LiT, 1906 East Prospect. Street. Seattle WA 98112
And since we know there is a lot happening between now and May 21st stay tuned for more details and a few friendly reminders.

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