Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dancing Bears and LiTshades?

When I was ten my mother changed careers and became an interior designer. The year was 1990 and her first “design job” was in a wallpaper store. The 90’s, or really anytime before, was a hard time aesthetically for wallpaper. The featured wallpaper at the time was bears dancing in a rather strange manner while having a picnic, I wonder how that idea even came about...?

Wallpaper has changed a lot since the 90’s. Dancing bears are a thing of the past, and wallpaper just isn’t for walls any more.

Per usual, Dawn has taken something originally designed for one purpose, and shed a whole new light on it. (Pardon the pun). Her wallpaper LiTshades feature paper in amazing patterns on either the inside or the outside of the shade, or even, (dare I say it), both inside and outside! No more dancing bears or basic stripes. Working with proprietress, friend and shop sharer-wallpaper connoisseur, Jennifer June of Hermitage, wallpaper now come in a selection of everything from metallic silver, bright prints to vintage inspired patterns. These are the looks hitting runway walls from LiT to London! Traditional patterns from Farrow and Ball, contemporary designs from Ferm or Kreme and even intricately designed art prints from Louise Body or Deborah Bowness are all options, and let's not forget the amazing papers from Dawn's favorite, Osbourne and Little. You name it LiT and Hermitage can get it.

It’s the new century- throw your idea of dancing bears, harlequins and paisley out the window and think of what wallpaper can be; on your new LiTshade

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