Thursday, May 7, 2009

Come Join Us at Hop Scotch!!

I’m aware it’s Thursday….not a posting day. But I have an announcement, concerning your Friday night plans. Tomorrow night, Dawn and I are going to an event in support of SIFF. Not only will it be fun, but it will be a nice change from your usual bar hoping or staying in watching America’s Next Top Model reruns. Also, it's a great opportunity to come meet and mingle with us LiT ladies!

Hopscotch, is a Spring beer and scotch festival with a few fancy wines and tequilas for us non beer drinkers (gluten free, that's me!). The best part is that with all of the delightful weather we've been having, the event will be held indoors and $20 will get you eight-yes you heard me right, eight-drinks of choice, in addition to a little food and alcohol education.

So start thinking about what your going to wear, figure out what awesome opening line you will have for us, we can promise to do the same, and come join us at Hop Scotch (we'll be there around 6:30) for a little alcohol, food, education and fun. Get there early- or else Dawn may bogart all the whiskey, see you tomorrow!

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