Friday, May 1, 2009

Fashion Friday: Good Health and Design

Happy May Day (May 1st)! For all of you who enjoy happy hour, this day is for you. It is due to the 1872 Labor Movement which makes your 8 hour work day possible and the ability to still enjoy a happy hour or two. In addition to May Day, welcome to another Flu free Fashion Friday.

This week, we are all about simple-good-design. There are just too many other complications is the world right now, so lets appreciate fashion and form made with attention to proportion, balance and beauty.

The first, this vintage lamp frame, sans couture it is still a perfect example of good design. While only a series of metal wires, the lines themselves compose a delicate lotus. The petals are refrenced only in the negative shapes and have a semetry in it's pattern that gives volume to the overall shape. The pendant's "accessories" are a glass socket and a frosted vanity bulb so as not to detract from the simple design of the frame. And what hanging pendent is complete without antique twist cord used to suspend it from the ceiling? It's the belt that ties the shoes in with the rest of the outfit...

Wile not a pendant, this
Marc Jacobs Fan Charm Logo necklace can be suspended around your neck to bring a little simple design to your attire. Check it out at Madberries and enjoy it's deconstructed look of simple blue letters and gold chain that produce something so prominent, playful and pretty!

There you go- fashion, design and history all in one post. Now go out and enjoy such a nice Friday happy hour, you’ve earned it. Just one
LiT health note: until this flu is out like last season's lipstick, make sure you cover your mouth, wash your hands and unless they are cute enough to risk it-please don’t kiss any strangers.

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