Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Black Shades and NYC Housewives

I have a confession, actually an addiction is more like it. No not the shoe one that’s obvious, besides that’s more of an obsession. What I’m talking about is my addiction to bad television. By bad television I mean shows like Real Housewives of New York City on Bravo (no Bravo did not ask me to write this, although…).

Last night, I was partaking in this indulgence, as I was also trying to figure out what to post for today. Face it a blog about lamp shades is not easy. This episode was about a house party in the midst of a major renovation. Not going to bore you with show details, frankly it's just so much drama, the point however (yes I have one) is the lamp shade shown in the episode got me thinking about black shades; their pros, their cons and all the points in between.

Unfortunately, Bravo will not let me take the picture I want of their site so here is the
link and then you must click through to slide 15 in order to see what I am talking about, I know a lot of trouble but aren’t you intrigued? See the lamp in the far left with the all black shade, perfect example of use in a home. Here it adds just enough light, but in a more alluring-less obtrusive way. The black also tends to give a masculine feel to the crystal base.

It is a common misconception that black shades will not allow much light, but that is not the case. Black fabric is just a dye choice, and the material itself is what hinders more light coming through a shade. A heavy linen will let less light through whether the shade is white, black or chartreuse. The wattage of the bulb useed in the lamp is also a key to how much light will be given off.

When Dawn makes an all black LiTshades she often lines the inside with a metallic paper or fabric providing more light and an increased amount of sparkle and drama.

Look inspiration is everywhere. If Bravo decides to put up pictures I can copy, I will fix this but until then check out the link and don’t be scared of black lamp shades, for most of us, it's as much "drama" as we need in a house.

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