Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Watson Kennedy get's LiT

There are few places I love in this city as much as my own shop. With the exception of Bremelo Press, and Dinette, Watson Kennedy is one of those few sparkling places where I could just linger for days looking and loving everything in sight.
I am, therefore, ever so proud to have a part in that loveliness. Now at Watson Kennedy's 1st and Spring store, LiT shades are delightfully on display! Stop in for some Parisian soaps or a set of couture stationary and bask in the glow from the Designer's Guild silk shade atop a vintage alabaster base. Buy the set of two for your bedroom and I guarantee you will dream only pretty dreams. Standing guard in the window is a Osbourne & Little flocked dog print that will have you "begging" for it to live in your entryway.
Go see the beauty at Watson Kennedy for yourself, I promise you won't be disapointed-though you may never want to leave.

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