Monday, December 28, 2009

Lamp base sale!!!

Okay, I will say it: I'm not monogamous. At least when it comes to lamp bases. I can't help it, there are so many wonderful lamps in the world, and so many horrible shades on them, that I just can't help wanting to rescue as many as possible and rewire them and re vamp their look with a lovely LiT shade. That being said, I'm starting to feel restless and my gaze is beginning to wander...from my auction find that I spent an hour and $45.00 in parts rewiring to the lamp base I recently saw in a window of a junk shop. It wasn't much, a Hollywood Regency piece that was surprisingly small for it's time period, gold touches on the porcelain palm fronds, brass details...but to me, all I could see was a forgotten Hollywood screen star that just needed a little celluloid magic to show that she was down-but not out.
So here's where you come in: these lamp bases I have need a good home. A partner who won't leave them for some 100 year old relic she found dusty and forgotten in the back of a Bainbridge Island Goodwill. I have decided, go big or go home, so regardless of the price I paid, the $ I put in rewiring them with quality sockets and antique fabric cords, all table lamps at LiT are $50.00 Now-Valentine's Day. Why V day? Well, I figure, if they haven't gone by then, the lonely lamps and I will spend the holiday getting to know each other over a sad bottle of Champagne and chocolates. Here's to you finding each other. Call me matchmaker, because I have the perfect shade to complete you as a pair too.

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