Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dixie Stark Home get's LiT too!

If you want amazing, beautiful, soulful things for your space; if you love color, soft hues of lavender, dove, and linen; if you are tired of the same things you've seen time and again- the best remedy: Dixie Stark Home.
Dixie is a truly talented interior designer who has created out of the derelict urban stretch of shipping containers- something alluringly divine. The juxtapose of Fortuny upholstered French antique chairs housed inside the functional steel walls of what used to me shipping containers, is charmingly couture.
How refreshing to be surprised in this life. When we are so used to Restorarion Hardware's color palette and cliche window displays, it's just so good to know that there is a place where your senses will still be surprised.
Where does LiT come in? It was my great pleasure to design a hanging pendent large enough to be a bathtub for the open space at DSH. Using Designer's Guild silk, the oval pendent floats over the room- a silk modernist interpretaion of "clouds". DSH also sells the most amazing murano lamps designed by Dixie herself, and meekly adorned with a LiT shade. If you have any lingering doubts that interior designers can surprise and endear themselves to you, visit Dixie's boutique.

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