Monday, December 7, 2009

The 5 senses

The soft feel of fine french linen. The sultry soft glow of silk. Prints, patterns, plaster panels... touch and sight are so easy to enjoy here at LiT. Now that we have a little chocolate with our coffee thanks to Charbonnel et Walker chocolatiers, taste is definitely on the menu. The sounds of LiT are the whir of the sewing machine, the clip of the scissors-the overture played alongside either Tchaikovsky or Jay-Z, depending on the day.

But smell...?

Do you want a lamp shade shop to smell like anything? Um...lets think this through...

Yes! LiT now offers intoxicatingly fresh and balanced scent of Capri Blue Volcano candles! Made in America with soy wax and enviro-friendly wicks, these candles have amazingly long burn times and come in either cobalt blue mercury glass pagodas, glass apothecary jars, or vintage pressed glass votives.

And believe me, these candles aren't some mango-pine-rosewood atrocity you find in your aunt's spare powder room, it's sensible smell chic, not sensory overload.

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