Monday, July 20, 2009

This is How We Roll

I'm aware this is late, but we had really "important things" to post last week. On Sunday, July 12th at the Georgetown Ballroom, LiT participated in the "social event of the season". The event, known as Flat Stanly, also included a steam roller, peach pie, and the amazing Georgetown Ballroom.

Flat Stanley, here's how it works: 3'x4' piece of linoleum and two weeks to carve. The linoleum is then hand rolled with offset ink from 1938. The inked lino-cuts were then sandwiched between plywood boards and covered with paper or canvas. At this point, master of ceremonies Alex Kirillov, took the wheel of the steam roller. Cigarette dangling on from his lips, adorned with his lucky red hat and ink stained hands, looking like a young Jackson Pollock, rolled over the linos with the steady finesse of a master printer. When finished, the ink had transferred to the paper or canvas and when the layers were peeled back, a perfect print emerged.

Unfortunately, I only have one picture now- but by Wednesday LiT will have a Flicker account. All our pictures from Flat Stanley and all other LiT pix (love the rhyme) will be on display. Want to see the prints for yourself? They will be on display during first Thursday at the Gold Rabbit Studio Go check them out, they're larger in real life.

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