Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fashion Friday: Kiss of the Dragon

Hello LiT friends, with the above normal temperatures we've had for the past two days, I thought it was only fitting to talk about one of Dawn's "above the norm" shade requests. With custom, you really can have it all, but our favorite in a long while is this beautiful gem...
This shade was commissioned out of a lovely print by Schumacher ; a dragon printed in vivid hues on a background of stylized poppies, palms, and petals. Although a little out of the norm, I personally love the pattern and how it coordinates so well with the client's own yellow lamp. Dawn was excited because this is one of her favorite fabrics by Schumacher.

Another piece slightly out of the ordinary is this limited addition Gucci Boston Bag created by Frida Giannini. Only 200 were made for the grand opening of Gucci's 28th store in China on June 6th.

Much like the Schumacher fabric, Giannini used the Chinese dragon, this is a bag with a message! The red is for a prosperous business or life, and the dragon is a sign of good luck. This one of a kind Gucci is only available at the Shanghai Gucci store, but you can "get lucky" with a dragon shade of your own by simply stopping in at LiT.

Remember, the LiT "off the rack" sale ends this Saturday at 4pm so come in soon! You have plenty of time to stop in before your flight for Shanghai....

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