Wednesday, July 15, 2009

City Stimulus

Because LiT loves our customers, and the economy is still a little, well challenged, we have decided our contribution to saving you money is to join City Stimulus. What is City Stimulus? Well, it's a program encouraging Seattlites to support local and small businesses, and since we are local, and small, and a business we figured why not?

Here's the skinny;
shop, eat & drink at participating Locations July 12-18 and present your downloaded membership card to redeem offers when paying your bill.
For each $10 spent, members collect one stamp. 10 or more stamps from participating businesses gain the cardholder 10 extra raffle tickets and an opportunity to earn cool prizes at the City Stimulus Closing Party & Raffle

So check out the website and get your stimulus card. You only have 3 days left and remember our sale ends Saturday. Hope to see you soon to enjoy your savings.

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