Monday, June 29, 2009

I Draw Nice

It’s summer, open-toed shoes, shorter skirts, patios, summer vacation for the younger generation? What this means for you is trying to find something educational but still fun for your tiny friends. But, with the economy still on the challenging side puts camp out of the question, what should you do, and what does LiT have to do with it?

Well Dawn has decided to share her amazing artistic talents with your child. I know what your thinking she makes LiTshades, how can she lead art classes? Well, what you don’t know is Dawn has studied art since her first lesson at the age of 8. Since then she has worked as a fine artist selling her paintings to collectors, rendered for architectural firms, and of course now owns her own design business, plus I might add my two-cents of a fine arts/art history minor.

Lessons will let your young artist's mind creatively and artistically focus with lessons in sketching, water and oil painting, basics of architectural rendering, theory, history, and so much more! I Draw Nice, is a chance for your child to improve concentration, coordination, and creativity, and maybe, just maybe-they will stop drawing on the walls.

The best part is the children will hold a gallery opening of their work which will take place at the LiT/Hermitage showroom in the fall.

What a fun summer, sure beats making popsicle stick bird house in your backyard with your dog and brothers. For more information email Dawn at, or visit: She looks forward to hearing from you, and I look forward to some posting ideas based on the young Picassos and Georgia O’Keeffes.

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