Friday, June 26, 2009

Fashion Friday:Tiptoe through the Tulips

Fashion favorites: perfectly ruched details done in taffeta, demure and refined clutches with gold and enameled closures, skirts-bell shaped, pencil, modified bubble and my present passion; the tulip. Tulip skirts are a modified version of the pencil skirt, high waisted and flared with pleats that tapers perfectly at the knee.

Since I am back, and I wore cargo pants and flip flops for the past three weeks (I don't want to talk about it)this week's Fashion Friday is a tribute to my usual more feminin wear, skirts.

Length, cut, material, lining, all so very important- and this LiTshade takes it all into consideration. Whether used as a pendant or a floor lamp shade, the cut is opposite of the traditional flare- and instead tapers in, just like a tulip skirt. The fabric is a tangerine silk dupioni and comes "fully lined" with silver and white floral wallpaper. The length covers what needs to be covered but still keeps a contemporary edge.

Wanting to update your rooms wardrobe? The perfect piece is here at LiT. You don't need a whole makeover, just a few tailored elements here and there. In closing, a quote from a skirt maker that I have always adored: "Every one was poor. I wore skirts made of flour sacks too, but at least my hem-lines were right". -Coco Chanel

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