Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lucite, clearly the best.

Lucite; clear, plastic, light weight, and in the past often associated with women’s shoes of unsavory character, but recently interior design has resurrected lucite into a whole new light, and LiT is not the only company that views lucite as classicly tasteful, not trendy.

Interior designers like Faith Sheridan have been using lucite for over twenty years, and has found that good design, stands the test of time. That's good for your design scheme and your wallet, as Faith says; “very often these acrylic furniture pieces will not break the bank!”

So true Faith. Lucite, a type of plastic that can be molded and cut however you like, makes a smooth transition from retro to modern. Who needs a pewter golf figurine atop their lamp, or a giant pink crystal? Yikes. The answer for the perfect way to finish off a LiTshade is a cylindrical lucite finial. Whether, the shade is patterned, brightly colored, or heavy on the detailing, the lucite finial goes with everything...similar to the diamond studs you are able to rock with both your favorite jeans on the weekend, and that little black dress you love for date night. I think it's safe to say; this design choice is clear.

1 comment:

  1. thanks for the mention.. I think Lucite is classic, contemporaty, modern all at the same time. A great choice for an accent.
    Love the idea of finials.
    Faith Sheridan