Friday, May 15, 2009

Ideal Bite: Made in the Shade

Our friends over at Ideal Bite did a little write up on LiT and we love them for it. We loved the post, so we figured why not share it? Enjoy, and thanks Ideal Bite!

The Bite:
Living in the lap of luxury? Maybe not, but your lamp shade can at least look the part.
LiT (maker of couture lamp shades with paper backing - not plastic - and reclaimed fabric) has a tip for brightening up lackluster lamps you already own (rather than buying new): DIY silhouette shades. Just flip the switch and...voilĂ : grown-up shadow puppets. Success.

Make It Text:
Silhouette Lamp Shade15-20 minutesWhat You Need:• Simple stencils (leaves, flowers, abstract patterns, etc.); or you can draw your own• Pencil • Black card stock• Scissors• Nontoxic white glue• Solid-colored lamp shadeDirections:1. Stencil or draw your own shapes on black paper.2. Cut out the shapes.3. Dab a little glue on the outer points of your shape.4. Lightly press the shape to the inside of your shade and allow to dry before attaching it to the base.If you give this one a try, send pics of your shade to

Great idea right? If you wanna try it, just stop on by-you know where we are.

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