Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Floor Lamps and Faith Sheridan

Being in the lighting world, we are always looking for those who are as interested in lighting design as much as we are. Our friend and interior designer, Faith Sheridan is one of those interested few. Her blog post yesterday is in perfect timing with our new line of Piano Nobile floor lamps found exclusively at LiT;

“A floor lamp can, add vertical dimension to a room design and offer an interruption from the horizontal lines of the sofa, chairs and tables. They are a great way to finish a space and brighten a corner or provide a great light source for reading your novel or newspaper.”

She also wrote how floor lamps are great space savers. We couldn’t agree more. LiT has a number of custom designed or vintage floor lamp bases with a number of shade options. Or you can even bring your own base and design a shade around it.

Speaking of shades (a subject we are all too keen on), Faith agrees with Dawn that using the incredibly stylish "over-sized" drum shade will “diffuse glow in the room.”

With so many shade choices and base solutions, it only makes sense to come into LiT for you next floor lamp

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