Friday, May 22, 2009

Not the Usual Fashion Friday....Sorry

Instead of Fashion Friday- we delight you with the afterglow of the spectacular show we had at LiT last night! If you recall, it was the night to promote Piano Nobile's new furniture line, Semaphore.

Events are often a hit and miss. Hit: lots of people came, you run out of glasses and it runs longer then it was supposed to. Miss: not a one! All in all it was a fantastic occasion. The Piano Nobile/LiT event was amazing and went off with a bang. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful evening, or better place to be spending it.
Did other plans keep you from attending? Well you would have been able to experience the festivities, I taped the whole event and set it to music and made a nice little video but unfortunately it does not want to load so I will work on it and see what I can do. For now enjoy the day, thanks for coming to our event, we couldn't do it without you. See you Monday.

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  1. Thanks for hosting! Very tasteful, and fun, too.