Friday, May 15, 2009

Dior did it again!

Finally the rain has cleared, the sun is out for an amazing 70 degree weekend, and so much is going on. Did someone say strapless dresses and peep-toe sandals?

Speaking of strapless dresses and sunlight, lets discuss this amazing multi-tiered strapless Dior in a lovely, layered gray. By playing with the way light hits the different folds and cascades of material, a certain volume and depth is created.

This same technique was used in developing this ceiling pendant by
LiT. With a gray linen exterior and a silver Koi fish interior, light refracts off the inside and then disperses through the subtle acrylic diffuser below. The house of Dior would be oh-so proud.

While wandering your choice of parks enjoying the sun, or garage saleing in one of Seattle's best neighborhoods, we hope you will stumble into LiT. After all, it's always sunny here.

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