Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Feel the Power of the Flower

April showers bring May flowers; true, but those flowers are wet! This May is a rainy one. Still, Spring is upon us which means flowers are in full bloom. This years spring explosion can not only be found in the garden but is prevalent in both fashion and interior design. Floral patterns are found on everything from dresses, to wallpaper, to sofas, to you guessed it- lamp shades. The problem often faced with this in-house flower power explosion is that not everyone knows how to effectively design with florals.

Lead designer with Surface in Portland Kara Bertolucci suggests using florals sparingly, “you never want a huge amount of floral patterns in a room like on a chair or a sofa, instead touches of bright floral patterns work best. Use your lamp shades as a way to marry the multiple points in a room, by the color and patterns."

Kara also uses florals as a way to bring the outside in-even if you live in an apartment in the city and have no yard, “it just gives you a sense of peace and happiness to see flowers in your home.”
LiT carries a number of premade floral print shades in a number of sizes and colors, and if you can’t find just the floral you want, the fabric and wallpaper books by some of the best designers in the biz offer everything from big, bold and bright to tiny, subtle and sweet.

Get in touch with your inner flower child and add that touch of flower power this spring to your d├ęcor with a floral print LiTshade. Listen to Kara, she’s a professional.

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