Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LiT Makes Gift Giving a Breeze!

Spring has sprung, birds are chirping and love is in the air. What does this mean for you? Wedding season!

With wedding season comes the dilema of figuring out whether or not you should splurge and get the “oh so happy couple” a toaster or the crystal punch bowl they registered for, (the one you know they will never use).

We at LiT we vote you take a different approach to gift giving, and give the new pair something they can use- like a custom designed LiTshade. Since we know the economy is a little unsteady and you have a lot of weddings to attend, LiT is offering our shade kit at 25% off the original price, what a steal!

Here’s how it works;
(the gift giver), purchases the kit, which includes samples and direction cards, a nice little congratulatory note from you, and the knowledge of the final product being shipped directly to the newlyweds house.
They (Newlyweds), choose from three papers, 21 silks and three different application techniques for their LiTshade. They then will return their choice card in the self addressed stamped envelope with their selections.
We (LiT), receives the order, creates their custom LiTshade and sends it directly to the happy couple within three weeks.
To order visit our website and click “

It’s just our way of trying to ease the burden of gift giving in your busy life. The LiTshade gift kit would also be a great way to let your mother knows how much you care, after all Mothers Day is May 10th. Plus the LiTshade kit sure beats making a birdhouse out of Popsicle sticks, I’m just saying.

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