Friday, April 17, 2009

Fashion Friday: Do you smell Lanvin in the Air?

I told myself I was not going to be late picking Dawn up this morning to take her to the airport. So when I sent her a text message at two minutes to 6 this morning I expected her to be standing outside her front door. Well she wasn’t. She actually didn’t need to be picked up until 6:30am for her weekend vacation to San Diego. All of this made me late for “my real job” which made this post late. So I guess what I am trying to say is welcome to another Fashion Friday and so sorry it’s late. I know you were waiting with baited breath.

However, Dawn’s rather surprise San Diego trip and my posting late is a great introduction for this weeks Fashion Friday, because. I couldn’t figure out what to wear, I ended up with my black strappy, so three years ago Lanvin platforms and Dawn is on her way to So Cal, where it is warm, sunny, and the air is fragranced with the fruity smell of flowers and citrus. Ok maybe a slight stretch but I really am wearing the shoes.

Lanvin has recently launched their new perfume campaign for their latest scent, named forfamed French designer, Jeanne Lanvin. The new fragrance for women is the brain child of Anne Flipo and was introduced in 2008. Top notes are blackberries, citrus and pears, but don’t stop there. It also has peonys and freesias with just a slight hint of raspberries and sandalwood, just so you still smell sophisticated enough to make those boys drool.

Not sure is this is the perfect scent for you? Take a
scent quiz. Dawn and I did and (no surprise) are both Miss Dior Cherie. This meaning “we are simply and totally sophisticated. Our style and class mesmerize everyone we meet. Underneath it all we are delicate and refreshing. We are different enough to make an impression.” I think that sums us up pretty well.

The shade that we feel not only goes best with our “scent definition”, but also with the Lanvin perfume look, is the tiny and delicate Jeanne Lanvin purple
LiTshade. So tiny and cute but yet classy and statement making. With the addition of the crystal finial and base the final result is, as Dawn would say, magic.

Seattle’s supposed to be nice this weekend, and San Diego always is, which is great for new scents and strappy sandals. Enjoy the weather, try something new, and stay fashionable

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