Monday, April 20, 2009

Let's talk about Ceiling Pendants

Dear Get LiT readers,

We at
LiT understand the economy is challenging, and that $2,000 ceiling pendant you love for above your table just isn’t in your budget, with the new spring shoe lines in the stores and all, what is a girl to do? We at LiT are here to help.

Why not have a reasonably priced LiT ceiling pendant made for above your table? Dawn uses the same skill and concepts as seen in her LiTshades but instead these amazing pieces hang from the ceiling. With the use of basic white cord or antique bronze twist cord and glass sockets (for light bulb discreetness), your new LiT pendant will become the focal point of any room and the talk of the neighborhood.

Who said a lamp shade maker should only stay on the ground? Why not reach for the stars or in this case the ceiling and look to LiT for you next pendant piece.
Thanks for being loyal readers,

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