Monday, April 13, 2009

How Green are We, Part II

As we've mentioned before if you don't like saving the world you will not have any friends. And we at LiT understand having friends is important, I mean if Dawn stopped saving the world through her LiTshades I don't know if I could be her friend anymore, which would greatly decrease my wardrobe. This is why late morning last Friday, when Dawn was trying to order supplies our friendship was put in jeopardy.

Friday started like any day, Dawn was at the shop taking stock of materials, figuring out what LIT was low on. She realized she had a half roll of the dulcote (paper backing material used for making hardback lampshades, another time). She realized it was a bit premature, but decided to call her source to order another roll, due to it sometimes taking a while to track down.

This is how Kyle came into the picture. Kyle is Dawn's vendor, and when she called to order more paper from Kyle he told her they don't make her paper anymore. So where did this leave Dawn, well in her words, "a shade maker, left in the dark." (We're so witty sometimes).

Before panicking Dawn called a few more sources, but alas she basically encountered different forms of Kyle telling her the same thing. Now what,? Are you on the edge of your seat yet, because here is where it gets good? The other "Kyles" told her she could always use styrene. The same styrene I told you she does not use in our "Light the Way" post, the same styrene (plastic backing) she refuses to use because it is a petro-based material, non renewable and off-gases toxic fumes.

Dawn felt that there must be another solution. The only way around her earth-endangering dilemma was to now use non-laminated dulcote and do the laminating herself (yeah, she's that good.) Yes, it is another rather time consuming step, but Dawn knows it's a step in the right direction.

Needless to say our friendship and the world was saved, and all you who love the earth can still have a clear conscious when buying your next LiTshade. From now on just call Dawn Captain Planet of the lamp shade world.

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