Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fashion Friday: Take it all off!

Who would have thought that a company famous for covering it all up- thank you Burberry trench that gets me from the car to my lover's door without anyone suspecting there is nothing but naughty lingerie underneath-could be so fabulous at pairing it all down. Down to a couple of scraps of lining which when mixed with some ties and Kate Moss are down right adorable! I'm not usually one for Burberry, too traditional, that is unless it's paired with mustard yellow crocodile Prada pumps. However, in this picture I think they got it right. Scandalous? No. Sweet? Yes.

The LiTshade that fits this style study is the VERY minimalist approach of taking a great vintage shade frame, adding a mercury bulb (stay tuned) and that's it, Period. The lamp seen here is in the Piano Nobile Home collection and shows just enough "leg" to pull off at a topless beach.

Spring has sprung. Time to ditch that Burberry trench and go bikini kill.

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