Monday, March 23, 2009

Show & Tell

Design is in the details.
LiT and Hermitage would like to invite you for a Saturday morning inspiration session!
Come have coffee and treats and explore how specialty wallpapers and custom shades can transform your home-on your budget.
With the current financial setting, most of us are spending a lot more time "in" and less time going out. If we have to hole up for another couple months, or if entertaining at home is now your best bet- then dolling up with the details will definitely carry you through.
We will explore options for using wallpaper in innovative ways, dressing up your existing lamps with new shades, and design trends that can be worked into your home environment for not a lot of $.
Hope to see you here at the shop, come and have a cup of coffee and look at pretty things won't you?

Saturday, April 4th 2009
1906 Prospect St. E
seating is limited, kindly rsvp 206.818.4101

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