Friday, March 20, 2009

Fashion Friday: International Baby!!

GOOOOOAAAALLLLLL! Well, if you didn't attend the first Futbol match for Seattle yesterday then hopefully you were watching it with a drink in your hand, looking fabulous and fashionable. Speaking of looking fabulous, hello again, my fashionable futbol fans, and happy Fashion Friday.

With International sports making it big in America (finally) this week we are going to look at American designers making it big internationally. Calvin Klein, need I say more, a household name for many years. This fall the CK fashion house brought us something new, dramatic and bold...origami.

Clean lines, light shapes and crisp folds define the silhouette of these pieces. Each piece from this collection was "made to look as if a flat box had been open" wrote Suzy Menkes when she featured the Fall 2008 CK collection in the International Herald Tribune's fashion section.

Menkes words can be used in the same way to describe this LiTshade where dramatic silhouettes, clean lines and simple colors create a smoother but still unfolded look, more like the origami balloons and less like the cranes.

Regardless, of cranes, boxes or balloons, both designs are very fashion forward and fabulously folded.

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