Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The List


This is Dawn, just wanted to add a quick blog today to help out anyone looking for... something.

This list is for those living in the Seattle area who need just about anything, from a caterer, to advice. I have compiled my favorite people/places and you can be certain you won't be disappointed.

Caterer/Chef/Baker: Lily 206.351.2852

Website developer/designer: Onur Simsek onurster@gmail.com

Advice: Doug Newman 206.323.4502

Photographer: Ryan Schierling http://www.ryanschierling.com/

Wedding Planner: Annette LeFebvre, Luxe Wedding Design 206.679.8044

Wallpaper distributor: Jennifer June http://www.hermitageisahome.com/

Stylist and Blogger: Britt Bertolucci Cao brittbertolucci@yahoo.com

Landscape Architects: Langstraat Wood http://www.langstraatwood.com/

Accountant: Deidre Cantrell deidre@cantrellaccounting.com

Jewelry Design: Jaida http://www.sparkleparlor.com/

Personal Shopper: Emily Lubahn 802.578.8198

Gardening Advice: Stacy Gilbert 206.782.7366

Screen Printer/designer: Isabelle Grizzard Robertson http://www.studiopianonobile.com/

Window dressing/curtain designer: Julie Monroe http://www.cultivatingdesign.com/

Audio and Turntable equipment and repair: J&S 206.524.2933

Bartender: Kelsey 360.510.3687

Letter Press/Business cards: Lynda Sherman http://www.bremelopress.com/

Hair stylist: Reghan http://www.7salon.com/

Structural Engineer: Mary O'hara 208.818.3177

Architect: Nick Robertson http://www.studiopianonobile.com/

Furniture Design: Chad Robertson http://www.chadhaus.com/

Dog Breeder: Joni Meryhew 360-978-4990

Signs/Vinyl Lettering: O'Reilly Signs 206.623.5135

Attorney/Lawyer: Sanni M. K. Hull Esq. 206.355.3572

Background Check: Steve West 206.200.8224

Comedian: Tyson 801.815.4848

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