Friday, February 27, 2009

A shade is a shade is a shade.....Wrong!

What’s in a shade? Well everything really! The shade either makes or breaks the overall outfit(yes like shoes). Sure the base is important, but an amazing shade brings a room together. Whether it is the use of colors, prints, shapes, or the mood the light gives, the shade is key.

Proportion is something to think about when picking your LiTshade. As our friend, designer Faith Sheraton wrote on her blog, “…carefully select the proportion.” A shade too big is going to make the base of your lamp look like it’s going to the Kentucky Derby and one too small will make the base’s unmentionables show. The proportion of the shade is also dictated by the scale of the room, size of the table it is on, etc.

Shades can play a large role in the design of a room, but take into consideration the overall feel you want to depict. Drapery material, rugs and upholstery can carry a room if they are interesting enough, don’t overdo it with too bold a lamp shade.

What is the purpose of your lamp? Is it to create some sexiness in a bedroom or is it meant to provide light to read the latest Vogue by? Whatever the purpose, the type of shade and the light it lets out is very important. You don’t want sexy light at the dinner table with the kids and a small reading light is usually adequate in the bedroom. These are things to consider when deciding to buy a new shade. Luckily here at LiT we have the knowledge to help you make a few of those choices while making the designing process fun!

Just a few helpful tips because when looking for the correct shade, you don’t want to be left in the dark.

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