Friday, February 27, 2009

Fashion Friday: Is that P.Diddy?

Welcome to another fashion Friday….finally. It was a long week full of snow and rain with thoughts of sun and surf nowhere to be found. Even though it is still winter in Seattle in the fashion world Spring has sprung. Have you ever seen so much Spring in a shoe than in this amazing white platform sandal. The heel itself not only screams warm weather, but emotes satisfying moans (you know what I mean.) With one shoe Dior has brought us thoughts of warm weather, rolling surf, cool fabrics and White Parties in the Hamptons with P. Diddy.

And what White Party would be completely without a LiTshade? The LiTshade accompanying the Dior to the party is the black and white scroll drum shade in a Marimekko print from the Finnish textile and clothing design company, Marimekko.

So even though winter seems here to stay, props to P. Diddy- put on your favorite white bikini or Speedo (your choice) go tanning and dream of the Hamptons. Until next week my bathing beauties, spend the week doing it like Dior!

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