Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just Not That Into This Movie

I really hate blogs that are strictly opinion based, but in this case I saw a movie SO BAD I just have to talk. Now, just so you don't think I’m going back on my beliefs and having this post be purely a rant, I will incorporate lamp shades somehow, you just watch.

Last Friday evening Dawn convinced me to see He's Just not that Into You. Keep in mind, I am not a "chick flick" kind of gal, I usually go in for a mob or spy flick. But I went along, a decision I have since regretted. I disliked the movie so much, I would go as far as to say it was the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. Yes, I understand its' cast of characters and plot are not the most quality of subjects, but even for a chick flick it was bad.

First off, I don't understand how its target audience is women. The movie portrays the fairer gender in the worst possible light. Gennifer Goodwins character has you hoping she will have a fatal accident-and soon. Her character is the most neurotic, whinny, annoying girl in the history of female roles. I found her character so taxing, that if I were Goodwin I would neglect to put this movie on my resume. The sad part is Goodwins' character was the not only one to test my patience, all the characters were foils of the least attractive personality traits. The "advice guy" was the Mac kid from the commercials which could have been cute if it just wasn't so blatantly obvious that he was "the guy who has given up on dating but in the end will fall for the overly romantic girl". Seriously. I am not single, but I believe if I was and saw this movie I would want to drink heavily afterwards out of sheer depression. Overall I give the movie an F and morosely ponder if I will ever get that 2 hours of my life back, let alone the $10.50.

Okay I promised I would somehow incorporate lamp shades into this post, so here it is:

As we sat and let slip those 2 hours of our precious lives, Dawn noticed that the lamp shades used in the movie tie directly in with my less-ranting/more learning-Monday post. All of the lamp shades in the movie except the shades in the bar, are too small for their bases. And for all you avid Get Lit readers, you know when a shade is too small for the base when it shows the lamps unmentionables. And it wasn't just one lamp it was every one of them! In both of these pictures the shade is clearly too short. Yes the one in back of Jennifer Aniston does not completely show the lamps unmentionables, but fits more as a mini skirt on a Saturday night around 2am. Now notice the one behind Drew Barrymore, you can see the harp saddle (explanation another time)! Why?! Why would you neglect such a detail? What was the set decorator thinking? It's as if lamps weren't at the very top of his/her priority odd.

There, I promised you lamp shades. I will now step off my ranting soap box, pretend I never saw that movie, and hope you take this advice and spend your $10.50 on a sandwich...speaking of, since when did sandwiches become so expensive?

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