Friday, March 13, 2009

Fashion Friday: Vegas Baby!

Friday already, where does the time go? Well, this week it went to cold weather, me joining Twitter (better late then never), the market finally going up and my scheduling a trip to Vegas for tomorrow. Jealous much?

I've never been to Vegas, but if anything screams excess to me it's Vegas, which is why this Fashion Friday outfit is so perfect.

As seen at China's Fashion Week 2009, the multi-tiered, multi-fabric dress compliments the multi-tiered shade. So many multi’s. With the variegated colors of the dress and the addition of the hat, the outfit could definitely be in a Vegas show (substitute leggings for oiled and tanned high-kicking legs).

The LiTshade on the other hand is a bit more subdued, possessing a more lady like feel. Different colors, but the same print on each of the shade's layers keep it interesting without getting to kitchy. The block-print of each shade was designed by the Russian born artist, Alexander Kirillov(Read more about him in our blog archives).

Whether you want to rock the dress, or let the shade light up your living room, keep this in mind:

"Fashion is general. Style is individual."
-Edna Woolman Chase

Until next week my fashion mavens, enjoy the weekend and dress in your most fashionable warm weather wear, and I’ll think of you as I sip vodka tonics by the pool…in Vegas.

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