Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where to Find a LiTshade?

Writing about your accomplishments isn't always necessary. However, on a blog it seems to be all you do. So, in order to keep with modern technology lets talk about where LiTshades have found themselves.

The Sitting Room with its European living room feel is located at the bottom of Queen Anne hill.The food is great the drinks are amazing and the lighting is LiT. All of the lampshades in the Sitting Room were made specifically for the space by LiT. The great part of you reading this post is you are able to now go check out the shades and see for yourself how much you like LiTshades.

Go sit next to one on the sofa and sip a drink and read a book. Saddle up to the bar and see the little shade which lights up the cash register or just visit with friends by the warm, soft unintrusive light of the other LiTshades. Their happy hour is from 5-7, so that should make things simple.

Regardless of your purpose go check out the LiTshades at the Sitting Room and enjoy a drink and take in a shade. Go now, what are you waiting for?

1 comment:

  1. i have always remarked the wonderfully warm and amber lighting at the sitting room. i had no idea it was a lit-creation. way to go!
    (ps we should go!)