Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shade Season

It's time. Time for new colors, pallets, textures. It's time for the fall line.

Without much ado, much rant or rave, this is a teaser. A glimpse of what's coming. What's current. Thicker linens, bright silks, woven wool. It's still summer in southern California, and it will feel more like summer than a brisk fall for quite some time. Fall isn't about scarves, wellies, raincoats or thick socks in this part of the world. But fall means change. It means gearing up, dusting off, hunkering down. To me it means WORK. Fall is what I always refer to as "lighting season". A phenomenon perhaps only I am attune to, but one that is real all the same. It doesn't stay light as long, we spend more time indoors, we realize we need more light, better lighting, something cozy. Whatever the reason, it's shade season. 
More to follow...stay tuned.

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