Wednesday, September 28, 2011


For years now, one of my favorite words, and the name of my profession- a MAKER- to MAKE is what I love, it's what others who I adore do too, and it's what will MAKE us matter long after the iPad is no longer a thing. We build with our hands, we borrow time and steal inspiration from the strangest places
to form, fabricate and forge fashion, functional objects and funny bits of fluff. It's what we do. Far away from the Makers I knew and loved so well in Seattle and Paris, for that matter NYC and NOLA, Austin TX has it's own Makers and I think I just stumbled onto two of the most magnificent.

Kristen and Eve are the owners and operators of MAKEatx, a local Austin workshop that not only exists as their own atelier, but a work room for other artists who want to join with a (take it from me, I know how expensive rent and specialty equipment is) very small fee. I was captivated by their work at a local boutique called Parts & Labour that plays the part of purveyor to what MAKEatx plays as manufacturer. What are all these bad-ass women doing? Well, in Austin TX they are MAKING hot stuff happen, and crafting and keeping intoxicating spaces to sell it in.

I can't help but wonder, what would the lovechild of LiT and MAKEatx look like? Hmmm...maybe we can MAKE that happen.

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