Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's the Season for Shades!

This summer has been one for the record books. My Jay learned to swim, I learned to bake, and we both baked in record making 100deg heat streak while down here in Austin, TX. We will be staying here a bit longer, and as the September sun beats down a little less boldly, and tacos infiltrate nearly all our daily meals, it's time to start getting serious about another record I have been wanting to break:
1,000 lampshades

I count the "lamp shade year" from September to September since with the shorter days, cooler evenings spent inside, most people realize they need to look at their lighting needs. It is the busy start of my work year, and last year I made 867 shades. This year, I hope to break 1,000.

Can you imagine it!?! 1,000 happier lamps. 1,000 more lovely rooms. 1,000 more men and women who when they look at something I made, they see themselves, their inspirations, their own goals. Custom shades are not about me, or my business, or my ideas brought to light(pardon the pun). Custom means YOU. You can have whatever you want, you can seek and find the piece missing from your perfect parlor, the sultry glow you hoped for in your re-vamped bedroom, the "Welcome Home" you hope people will find when they flick the switch on in the guest bathroom.

Let's break some records, you help me with mine only by letting me help you with yours. I think that's a pretty sweet deal. To get you all as excited as I am, from Sept. 7th-30th all shade orders made online will be 15% off. Any size, any style, any $400 fabric from O&L. Any shade.

So catch me at LiT and let's start making some shades!

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  1. This is a tremendous deal! YES to 1000 shades! I'll help. :)