Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LiT is Japanese for HOT lamp shades!

LiT is the post on today's Jungle City newsletter! I had such a fun time talking to Riho who interviewed me for Jungle City, a Seattle based Newsletter that has been the largest Japanese website in the Northwest since 1998. for those of you who read Japanese, or if you just want a link to a really great Seattle-focused site, here is the link to Jungle City! http://www.junglecity.com/index.htm

ランプシェードを専門にデザイン・販売する 『リット』。もともと建築の画像生成を手がけていたというドーン・バセットさんが、ランプシェードの製作を始めたのは3年前。引越しの際にお気に入りのランプ・・・