Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tiny but Tall in Design

The other day Dawn and I went to a garage sale in the Ravena area. Amongst the odds and ends of someone’s life Dawn found a rather tiny (about 5" tall) lamp in the shape of a rosebud or red artichoke(we aren't quite sure) with a hideous piece of plastic sticking out which I can only assume is a "candle sleeve" and a shade that was significantly too small with bell peppers not only painted on it but also the word "bellpepper" written on it. Well, Dawn being the lamp genius she is, found potential in this tiny creature and decided it was worth the three dollars, thus the adoption was made. With a coat of white paint, a new Kaarskoker candle sleeve, and Kelly Werstler shade, this drab-could be oh-so fab!

As Dawn and I were leaving I asked her, "what's the purpose of tiny lamps?" Dawn responded excitedly "people put them on vanities, fireplace mantels, in small bathrooms, on small hallway tables and in kids rooms" she then added "…(yes she actually said "dot dot dot") ambiance!" thus the idea for this post.

As I put further thought into this over the next two days, I thought about all the places I've seen tiny lamps. The swankiest of restaurants often have tiny lamps in them on tables or at the host station, and often, as Dawn pointed out, delicately placed in the ladies room. I also know people who have little dressing tables or vanities that place tiny lamps on them not only as decoration but also as lighting for, what I would only call, "nose powdering." Tiny lamps also show up, like Dawn said, in children's rooms, which I assume has something to do with children being small and thus they need tiny lamps...sound logic?

There you go! Now you know what to do with tiny lamps, go out and garage sale or Goodwill shop for a tiny lamp treasure of your own and bring it to LiT for a tiny LiTshade makeover...turns out, you can use it anywhere.

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  1. Luv the transformation and inspiration. Dawn you are fabulous.
    Faith Sheridan