Friday, September 25, 2009

Chao Get's LiT!

LiTshades plus Pacific Rim comfort food at an affordable price what could be better?

Chao, at 1200 E. Pike (former home of 1200 Bistro), across from Boom Noodle hopes to be the new neighborhood friendly 12th Ave destination. Owner Tony Kang, wanted a menu with pleasure for everyone’s pallet and the affordability for all pockets. Hoping to attract all audiences from families for brunch and lunch, to couples and hipsters for dinner and happy hour, the possibilities for deliciousness will be never-ending.

Where does LiT fit into Chao? Well, the 15 pendant throughout the restaurant and bar, of mustard and burgundy linen, are LiTshades. We at LiT could not be more excited to be in such a neighborhood friendly place.
Chao’s grand opening is tomorrow, why not go enjoy the lighting and delicious food and make Chao the neighborhood hotspot it’s meant to be.
M-F 11am-2am and Sat-Sun 9am-2am

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