Thursday, August 13, 2009


It's movie magic! Hey everyone, it's Dawn, I went down and around the corner from the shop, to visit some LiTshades that were cast in the movie "The Details" which features Tobey Maguire and Laura Linney. The set designer, Jean, is so kind and generously and she took the time to show me around and explain some of that movie magic to me.

Looking into one of my LiTshades, I find what is called in the biz "black out paper" around the top of the light bulb. This is to stop light from projecting up and concentrate the glow down and out. Another fun trick; the lighting for the set was hung from metal beams that are pressured at the tops of the walls, that way a grid is formed and the can lights are movable. The entire space was empty before the film, walls were painted and wallpapered, furniture was moved in, even tooth brushes and kitch, like fridge magnets and groceries in the cupboard, were all picked and put into place.

My favorite was Laura Linney's character's house; crazy wallpaper, little porcelain figurines, cat-scratched furniture, even sun bleached pink flamingos in the yard! It was a bit like breaking and entering, but oddly fascinating as well.

So, if you want to catch some LiTshades on the big screen, go see the film "The Details", we will keep you informed on when it premiers, till then, I have to go tell my little brother that my lamp shades will be in Spider Man's house.
Britt will continue posting on Monday, till then, Get LiT!

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