Friday, August 14, 2009

Fashion Friday: Nice Bones

Wow what a week….rain in Seattle after not having it for almost a month, I went to the top of the St. Louis arch and Dawn visited the set of the movie “The Details” where her LiTshades are going to be stars.

With everything going it's own way in the world, we feel it may be a good time to pull it together. Cinch things up, strap it back, lets put a little structure back in our lives...or at least show off our nice bones.

The boning of this corset by Jean Paul Gaultier really plays up the feminine shape and the "bones" of this antique frame do the same, plus they really make a show of the beautiful chartreuse cotton print, outlining the best...and hiding the rest, (the seams).

Hope you enjoyed these two amazing pieces of fine craftsmanship that bring a little structure to our crazy lives(or cotton prints). Speaking of amazing craftsmanship remember August 27th is the show Where is This? , an exhibit of imaginary cities at LiT. Put it on your calendar!

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