Monday, June 22, 2009

Where there's wicker, there's a way. Nho Cafe Nha Trang

Hello from Vietnam. It's been two weeks and four days without LiT, but I am almost home. However, on my visit here I found the Vietnamese are pretty crafty when it comes to lighting. With the abundant amount of bamboo in Vietnam they are able to make any number of things with it and here is just one.

This light had me playing the part of Asian tourist, snapping away with my digi. camera. Spotted at one of their numerous coffee house, Nho Cafe(accent over the "O" it means dream) in Nha Trang uses this resourceful lighting made of bamboo woven together over a plastic base and then lit with a basic light bulb and lamp cord. Personally I love them(although my pictured does them no justice, sorry it was dark), and I find it a great use of a common resource.

I'm back on Thursday, so happy, and can't wait to share my first Fashion Friday in weeks with all of you. Until then...

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