Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nesting Instinct

When it comes to setting up house-or redesigning the one you already have- Sara Eizen of Nest can transform that house, into a home. Nest offers interior design, home organizing, and color consultation services and Sara specializes in helping you sort through what you already own to get the look you want without starting from scratch.
Plenty of design experience, creative flow, and innovation is what sets Nest high in the branches of the design trade.

Sara will work with what you already have and add a little new in the right doses so you still feel connected- still feel your home is your own. The last thing you want is to come home and look around and not recognize anything in YOUR space! Not to mention, all the money you will save by not buying all new furniture, accessories, floor coverings, etc. The best part is, Sara helps you see what will really make a statement, what little changes can be made to give you the room you always had-but couldn't see.

This is where LiT comes in, if you can see the potential in bases you already own, new shades designed at LiT can shed some new light on your old lamps...and possibly that end table of your Great Aunt's it's sitting on.

Whether you just moved into a new house, or you just need a little help finding the potential in what you have been living with for years, Nest may be just the design advice you have been looking high and low for. With organizing tips, fresh design ideas, and an amazing range of resources, Sara offers up so many ways to build your nest.

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