Monday, June 1, 2009

Osborne and Little

Brightly colored patterns swept over walls, bedspreads, and of course, LiT's lamp shades. The vivid prints and amazing patterns of Osborne and Little often provide the inspiration for a number of Dawns shades, but how did such amazing patterns begin?

London in the 1960’s was a crazy, colorful time especially in Chelsea, so what better place for brothers-in-law, Peter Osborne and Antony Little to open a small showroom selling exquisitely designed hand printed wallpapers which became an instant success. Over the years the business has expanded it's product range to include fabrics, trims, furniture and accessories,while reaching a global audience but never forgetting their roots.It is their fashionable, colorful beginnings which have kept Osborne & Little's designs at the heart of interior trends for the past four decades. From their paint effect wallpapers of the 1980's and the celestial star, sun and moon motifs of the 1990's to the many contemporary patterns using metallics and flocks of today.

In order to continue their worldwide success Osborne & Little have built many working relationships with a number of other amazing artists who share the same creativity and passion; internationally renowned interior designer Nina Campbell, Michael Reeve who does amazing upholstered furniture, world-famous Liberty Furnishings and the chic Parisian design studio Lorca.

It is their never-ending creative focus and desire to maintain their reputation which keeps them at the top of the interior game. How could Osborn and Little not be one of Dawn‘s favorites? Next time you want to add a little color to your home, consider a LiTshade in a fabric or paper from Osborne and Little.

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  1. Dawn, I LOVE Osborne & Little. Those darn Brits are the masters of color.

    See you soon!