Friday, May 29, 2009

In Living Color!

Today is supposed to be the hottest day so far, and I can not tell you how excited I am. Not only because I will (ideally) get a little bronze before I go to Vietnam, but I get to finally remove all of my black clothing and move into some color. Welcome to another colorful Fashion Friday, I’m so glad you could join us.

Today we are going to discuss the beautiful line of very brightly colored shades made at LiT and how those same bright colors are found in this years spring/summer collections. Yet again, I thought we should do a little fellow blog searching and look at this awesome write-up from the fashion blog: Stickers and Donuts. Every outfit screams from their Forget Neutrals post scremans "look at me!" And we do. And we like.

That sun-shiny feeling is exactly what you feel when surrounded by your bright and colorful LiTshades. Even if you have to be stuck indoors-they transport you poolside, drinky tropical alcoholic beverages. Ahhhh, lovely

So enjoy the weekend my fashion maven’s. I will be at a friend's bridal shower in Leavenworth hopefully drinking something fruity in the hot tube and working on my tan. I suggest you do the same, but first- come in and check out the bits of LiTcolor you can add to your house's summer wardrobe.

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