Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Break!!

Eric Draven said "It can't rain all the time". Well, Mr. Draven must not have been living in Seattle! What is with all the rain!?! My curls are frizzing and IF I wore those stupid ugly rubber rain boots, I would be tired of wearing them. Welcome to another sopping and windy Fashion Friday.

On this frigid Friday, lets look to spring and spring colors with the fabric artisan Christian Lacroix (La-croy) who clearly was not living gloomy, grey Seattle when he chose his spring 2009 Haute Couter color pallet. It's Morocco, meets Cuba ending with a severly topless spring break party in south Florida.

What LiTshade shouts COLOR in the same call as Lacroix? The Vanitas print Marimekko shade! Like the Lacroix collection, the colors are crisp and super-satureated. Florals, fruits and leaves are also a shared theme. One thing is for sure- even if you promise mardi gras beads- this shade will cover it's "bulbs" and not "flash" you.

Well fashion friends, stay dry, please don't wear rubber boots no matter if the water goes above your ankles, and as I've been saying everyweek, think spring! Or go out and buy a Lacroix dress and look like Spring, or just "spring" on a LiTshade that will make your room oh-so colorful! Seriously my lovelies, warmer weather must be just around the weekend...

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