Monday, April 6, 2009

Lamp base shopping on a budget!

Let's face it the economy sucks, but your house still needs to look good. You've found LiTshades to be within a budget you can handle but you can't find the perfect base for your new perfect shade, what do you do?

Well, do what we do and head down to your local Goodwill. Our personal favorite is right off Dearborn and Rainer, but really any second hand store will work. The best part of second hand lamp base shopping is you find some great items at great prices, support a good cause and help your community.

Second hand lamp shopping (what we at LiT call "lamping"), is also great if you are looking for original brass, art deco, turn keys (answer next time), marble bases, statue bases (yes even panthers) or the unique and unusual.
Now you have found the perfect base (usually under $11.95), but it doesn't work and is lime green, don't get discouraged. Dawn can rewire bases and with a great shade, that lime green base will look oh-so-chic instead of ugh-so-freak. High-low fashion isn't just for your wardrobe. Remember, a savvy house is a stylish house.

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