Friday, March 27, 2009

Fashion Friday: Piece Out!!

Please excuse my tardiness for Fashion Friday this week. As Dawn and I had a "business meeting" at Boka, in Hotel 1000, last night and the time approached 8 then 9 then 10 and more vodka tonics came with each passing hour I knew I would be tardy on my post today. But how can you walk away from friends, drinks, great atmosphere and the all important question of what top to wear with my new Tiffany Miller skirt?

Speaking of how different pieces work together, this week’s Fashion Friday is about bringing arcs and angles together to create a whole through the art of "piece work."

During the Stockholm Fashion Week, fresh Northern ideas for the spring 2009 season were shown featuring brands such as Acne and Cheap Monday as well as up-and-coming designers nominated for the Mercedes-Benz Young Fashion Industry Award.

The Acne show brought tough, sophisticated looks with strict cuts, straight lines and a minimalist color palette- but added punkish distressed denim jeans to mix up the look, in addition to oversized ranger hats. It was also Acme's use of a casual jersey dress worn over sheer leggings, loose cropped trousers with elastic waistbands and origami mini-dresses (remember last week), which made Acne a crowd favorite.

The sophisticated look, minimalist color palette and many angles are seen in this slim silhouette light box/litshade. Dressed in a Mota Shang patterned wallpaper designed by John Mahoney. Sorry, no over-sized ranger hats.
Until next week, "piece" out.

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  1. this has been my favorite shade for a while now. I am thinking about making one for the table in my entryway. By entryway I mean the table next to my door, I live in a 1bdrm apartment. :)