Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Touring London

LiT is in London till the end of January! I am loving it here and taking in all the design that I can! Beautiful fabric shops abound and the Designers Guild showroom as well as Timorous Beasties headquarters are still on my list to go see. Truly beautiful and quaint shops with tons of amazing linens and silk prints-I spent 150 pounds on 3 meters of felt that is incredibly thick and a colors I have never seen, and 56 pounds on a meter of coral and cream Ikat on silk-money well spent-even with the exchange in their favor. Met an amazing photographer and fellow fashion obsessive-Darrel of Mode Hunter, here is his blog if you want to check out the Fall fashion shows or what London fashion has going for it: modehunter.blogspot.com- and yes-there I am, bringing a little USA to the UK.


  1. Hello,
    Just stumbled into your lovely little blog! Must say it is a breath of fresh air seeing a blog that has a purpose! What a great artist you are...I hope all is well over on your adventures in Europe. I am over in Seattle wishing I could carry your bags for a day or two. I loved Paris, I am certain you will too! Best regards~Shelly

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