Saturday, October 16, 2010

Too Much is Never Enough

I just looked at the last post date, August?!? How did that happen? This is how:
1.) I am madly in love.
2.)My little shop dog had surgery and needed extra attention.
3.) It's LIGHTING SEASON!!! which means as the days grow shorter and you need more illumination, I am BUSY making lamp shades which makes it hard to find time to blog.

Here are a few of the pieces I have been working on...

For Great Jone's Home(one of the most inspiring and delightful home decor stores in the city), this beautiful Murano base is taken with this shade done in a dramatic floral print in cream, white, gold, green, turquoise, and navy by Designers Guild. Also for a client of GJH, these handsome sconce shades done in gunmetal gray taffeta with soft Sahara trim.

And then some more Des. Guild, MY ALL TIME FAVORITE STRIPE, beautiful taffeta silk in a creamy ivory with a perfect black, near grosgrain stripe woven through it. Perfection. Trimmed out in a triple ball fringe also by DG, you can BUY this one at Revival Home and Garden on 12th between Pike and Pine-you should at least drop in, there is NOTHING at this boutique but endearing and delightful finds.

Last but not least, this sweet shade in a Des. Guild linen, printed in berry and gold with bright fuchsia florals, went to a VERY lucky little girl's room. Oh how I wish it was mine!

Well, back to the shade making table, talk to you soon for BIG NEWS going on at LiT...stay tuned.

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